Terms & Conditions

1. Colorwash Pte. Ltd. will clean every item using methods and chemicals best suited to its nature and condition.

2. Colorwash Pte. Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any inherent weakness or defect in items brought in for servicing.

3. In cleaning, ColorWash Pte. Ltd. will accept no responsibility for color loss or damage.

4. Complete removal of stains is not guaranteed. Removal of stains performed at the customer’s request is done at the customer’s own risk.

5. All items must be claimed within 2 weeks from the collection date stated on the receipt. Colorwash Pte. Ltd. will accept no responsibility for the condition of unclaimed items beyond the 2-week period. All unclaimed items will be disposed of after the 2-week period, unless otherwise specified when the item was deposited.

6. ColorWash Pte. Ltd. will do our best to color items according to customers’ requests as much as possible to achieve the closest match. Please note that the original color of each item may also affect the final outcome after coloring. There is therefore no guarantee that the final color will be exactly as requested.

7. Customers should inspect all items upon collection. Any dissatisfaction should be made known to the counter staff immediately. ColorWash Pte. Ltd. will accept no responsibility for any subsequent complaints.

8. Subject to the above conditions, ColorWash Pte. Ltd. limits our liability to no more than ten times the regular service charge of each item, to a maximum of $800, if it is proven to be damaged due to our negligence.