Just like the clothes that we wear are regularly washed to maintain their cleanliness and hygiene, our bags and shoes also require care and upkeep. An important part of the care of bags and shoes is regular cleaning. This helps to reduce the toll of daily wear and thereby prolong their lifespan and maintain their appearance.

Cleaning removes the dirt, bacteria, fungus and oil accumulated through daily use and from humid weather. ColorWash also includes a disinfecting and deodorizing process in our cleaning service to reduce unpleasant odors in your bags and shoes.

A cleaned bag or shoe will look better and smell better. It will also last longer because it is better maintained.

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Bags and shoes also get scratched, discolored or stained over time. ColorWash’s color touch-up and full coloring services help to refresh the look of old or deteriorated bags and shoes.

Materials that we are able to color include natural leather, synthetic leather, patent leather and nubuck.

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Other Services

Degreasing removes oil stains. Moisturizing maintains and softens leather products to prevent drying and cracking. Repair of items with undone stitching or damaged lining, zips, handles, etc. is possible. Transparent coating protects all leather (especially metallic and patent distressed leather) and minimizes color transference. Water protection coats bags and shoes with a water-resistant layer that minimizes water damage.

All bags and shoes are individually assessed by ColorWash’s specialists before recommendations for the most appropriate care are made.

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